As a Medical Doctor, I recognize the importance of rest and diminishing the effects of anxiety. It comes at the most inopportune times, not caring who it attacks neither how long it lingers. But I've found that music, personal affirmations, and even essential oils are extremely helpful in combating anxiety and the various tentacles attached to it. Because music is a universal language, anyone can tune in to a melody that suits them and helps them refocus. And it doesn't matter what genre.  Reciting and believing affirmations are beneficial. It helps one to recalibrate their thoughts and speak a better reality into existence. Words are powerful and we can even kill anxiety with what we say.

Also, essential oils (such as Lavender) are known to be powerful. This oil, which I personally promote and use via the Dream Box, always calms me and allows me to relax. It's aromatic properties aid you in breathing exercises and decluttering your mind. Above all, rest is the most important thing that can conquer anxiety. When we're mentally detoxed and emotional clear, we sleep so much better! This also helps to minimize amounts of prescription or over the counter drugs that are used. ************************